Code Choreography Limited was founded in 2018. We are an independent software company providing bespoke development and consultancy services to academia and industry. We offer full-stack development services with experience of multiple languages and frameworks.

  • Languages include: Python, C++, Java, Matlab, OpenGL, JS, RShiny
  • Medical imaging experience includes: DICOM, NIfTI, XNAT, MITK
  • Frameworks include: TensorFlow, QT, ITK, CUDA


Our people

Dr Tom Doel has been developing medical imaging software for more than 14 years. His DPhil at the University of Oxford was in medical image analysis and computational modelling and he has worked as a postdoctoral research associate at UCL and the University of Oxford in medical image analysis, pre-operative surgical planning software and intra-operative image-guided surgical software.  He previously worked in industry, developing clinical radiological software.

Tom Doel’s publications and patents are listed here.

Tom Doel’s software portfolio can be found here.